Sunday, October 30, 2016

week 5: social media marketing

Kylie Jenner is one of the best social media marketers I have seen.
She uses all forms of social media, mostly snapchat is what I think puts her above anyone.
She owns Kylie Jenner Cosmetics, and on her snapchat, basically daily, she posts multiple videos/photos of her self wearing her make up telling you what colors she is wearing, she posts videos/photos of all the color swatches and the new colors, she posts videos/photos of her actually working at the factory filling tubes of lip gloss. She uses her snapchat everyday and will advertise her make up line. I personally have never bought her make up mostly because I am not into lip gloss or eye shadows but 4/5 of my friends have ordered her items. Obviously she is doing something right because every time she launches a new product which she promotes constantly on all of her social media, its sold out within seconds!
A technique I have noticed is that she never posts the prices of her items. She never says you can get this eye shadow for $12 or something which is really good. Because we don't need to see the prices unless were a serious buyer. It is nice to see an advertisement that doesn't feel like an advertisement. She just posts photos and videos of herself and we all know she's posting them to show off her makeup.
Since it is halloween weekend she has mostly been posting her personal life like halloween costumes and parties not much about the business. But I did find some previous snapchat posts. Also her twitter had a post about a new halloween color coming out!
For such a new business owner, she has done amazing for herself. 

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Week 4 : Case Study

Crumbs & whiskers is a coffee shop that has loose cats walking around which come from a local Humane Society . The owner Kanchan Singn is an animal lover and business lover, so this is how she figured to combine both of those things. They have two locations, one in Los Angles, California and Washington DC. The Washington DC location opened up on June 20,2015. The LA cafe opened on September 30th 2016. To open her business, Kanchan decided the best way to get funding for her cafe was by using Kickstarter, which is an online crowd funding website. Her goal was to reach $15,000 and ended up making more than double that at $35,881.
The cafe works on reservations so they aren't over crowded and they can keep everything under control. They are fixed prices, weekday price is $22 and weekend is $25. Each reservation lasts 75 minutes. They want you to arrive 10 minutes before your appointment, once you go in, they tell you all about the cafe & cats. Than you order coffee, food & enjoy the kitties! For safety reasons they have a age limit which is 7 and older, anyone between 7-17 needs a parent to sign their waiver. 
For health regulations, all the food and drinks are prepared in “Open Space LA” than delivered to the Cat cafe during your visit. Which totally makes sense.
All the cat there are available for adoption which is such a great idea to help out the shelters and to get people in a place where they can really see how the cats interact with other people, noises, other cats. On their website they even have the cats listed for you to read about with photos. If you are serious about adopting, their website sends you straight to a link for the animal shelter.
They do a ton of marketing, they have a website, a blog, twitter, Instagram Facebook, yelp which are all very much up to date. I found out about this from a Facebook video actually and totally fell in love with it. I looked at all their marketing sites, and they do a great job. Lots of photos and reviews. I read through the yelp reviews for the LA location and mostly parking was the issues, which is pretty typical for LA so I wasn't to surprised with that. Also people weren't a fan of the Coffee and macaroons because you order them in the beginning and get it later on in the visit.
Such a great idea, and I will defiantly be going within the next year. I love everything about this, I started following them on all social medias too. I mean who wouldn't want to see cute cats on their feeds?

They also have super cute "swag" :) 

Monday, October 10, 2016

Week 2: Topic 2

Skye's the Limit: 


Located on the 27th floor of the Pullman's Hotel, in Hong Kong, is the Skye Bar. They plan to create a never forgettable experience which will set them apart from all other restaurants and bars. They put together a great team to give the guests amazing french food. Their ingredients coming from world wide, but they still support their local produce markets.

"The focus of SKYE is on the sharing culture embraced by the millennial generation. All is centred around good times, company, memories, food, cocktails and music." 

They have terrific views all around, the outside bar lets guests get a great view whether it is raining or sunny since it is also sheltered. 
SKYE also took the time to make some environmental attributes as well such as: recycled soap, and donating left over foods to charity. That is such a great idea because so many restaurants would rather just toss the food instead of going out of their way to give it to people in need.

The only marketing challenge I see from this is that their are two other restaurants in the same hotel so they need to make sure to stay on top of their advertising and marketing, other wise they could lose customers to the close by competitors. 

I think it is a good article and love how they included many photos. That is what caught my eye. I think it is a good marketing post and hopefully business takes off! I know if I ever went to Hong Kong I would love to go here for the experience!

Week 2: Topic 1

Topic 2: Social Listening

  • Comcast 
  • Comcast provides tv services and "high speed" internet. 
"Dear it's 2016! WTF are you thinking with implementing a data cap? As an internet content creator, you're going to kill my business"

"extremely frustated with made several calls to fix issues with my Cable Internet and the issue was not fixed"

"How does call me and still keep me on hold for 20 minutes before hanging up on me???😡😡😡

Those are some of the lovely tweets I found very quickly about Comcast.
  • I only chose Comcast because I had tweeted about them when I first moved here and had to go a month without cable tv or internet because of their awful service techs, poor communication and lack of knowledge of anything to do with their company! It was awful, but after I had tweeted about them, I got a direct message from Comcast telling me to give my contact info so they could contact me and figure out a solution. They called and nothing really got resolved, but hey at least they made an effort right? If I was their brand manager, I would definitely hire more qualified people and not to be rude, but people who actually speak & understand english in the customer service department would be nice!

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Week 1: topic 2

Topic 2: Marketing in the news
Well we talked about this a little different in class than how it is described on the assignment, so here I go..
       The company I picked was Doughnut Time, it is actually located in Australia. On Instagram, I follow this famous fitness model Tammy Hembrow who is from Australia. She often posts outfits, makeup or gym clothes/ fitness foods to help market them to her 4.2 million followers. On her cheat days, she posts photos of these delicious and ridiculous doughnuts. Similar looking to Voodoo Doughnuts but in my opinion they look way better. anyways..
       Doughnut time! Since I didn't find out about this from an article, I had to google them to find a article about them. From July 4, 2016, Doughnut Time special edition doughnuts. They are a pretty comical company to come up with a design like that, it actually made me laugh because how realistic it looks!
      They do a excellent job of marketing on their Instagram from what I have seen. They post daily and when they post, they @ famous people and foodies so hopefully they will get noticed by them. Than if they get noticed, the famous person often reposts the photo they were tagged in. It is a great marketing strategy and seems to be working pretty great.
I think for food companies like that, it is pretty easy to get noticed world wide because their marketing is right there in their own product. If your food is rare, extraordinary and looks amazing, odds are that someone will take a photo of it and post it these days. Social media has definitely helped companies out without the companies even asking or paying for marketing or advertising, we do it for them!
     I love these company and I haven't even eaten there! Just their intricate doughnut designs are amazing to me. They also rotate their menu regularly, come up with different flavors & designs weekly. They also have many gluten free doughnut choices, which many people don't do. That helps them stand out even more!
     I learned that social media now in days is a HUGE marketing tool. Customers play a big roll in advertising and word of mouth for companies yet some places pay millions of dollars for advertising on the TV.. I think it is time for companies to start thinking about what screen they should be spending their advertising money on, because it isn't the TV anymore.

home page

It is pretty crazy to see how many like Tammy Hembrow gets compared to the actual company. She is obviously getting a better out reach of advertising than the own company. Just from a single photo. 

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Week 1

Topic 1 :Who's who
     I am enrolled in this class because I am doing the practical business management program here at Linn Benton. It is a two year program and I will graduate with three different certificates.I will get a entrepreneurship & small business management certificate, retail management certificate, event management certificate and a AAS in practical business management. I also enjoy marketing and advertising for companies. I just think all companies need to do more advertising to expand their business mostly because it doesnt hurt so why not do it?
    I am interested in marketing because its such a huge thing in our business world, and its needed to get anywhere. I worked for a new restaurant in Monterey, CA and when we first opened, he didn't even have a grand opening, no signs, no flyers nothing. It is very safe to say 1. he started off terribly wrong and 2. we were always very slow.
    Animals are my passion. Ive been working with animals for the past 2 years and love it. I currently work at Sullys stay and play in Albany which is a doggie day care. I would like to open up my own doggie day care/ boarding facility one day. I have a 5 month old Weimaraner pup, Lacy, which I got in July. She has totally changed my life and I love spending time with her, and well taking her to work is a huge plus ;)