Sunday, October 30, 2016

week 5: social media marketing

Kylie Jenner is one of the best social media marketers I have seen.
She uses all forms of social media, mostly snapchat is what I think puts her above anyone.
She owns Kylie Jenner Cosmetics, and on her snapchat, basically daily, she posts multiple videos/photos of her self wearing her make up telling you what colors she is wearing, she posts videos/photos of all the color swatches and the new colors, she posts videos/photos of her actually working at the factory filling tubes of lip gloss. She uses her snapchat everyday and will advertise her make up line. I personally have never bought her make up mostly because I am not into lip gloss or eye shadows but 4/5 of my friends have ordered her items. Obviously she is doing something right because every time she launches a new product which she promotes constantly on all of her social media, its sold out within seconds!
A technique I have noticed is that she never posts the prices of her items. She never says you can get this eye shadow for $12 or something which is really good. Because we don't need to see the prices unless were a serious buyer. It is nice to see an advertisement that doesn't feel like an advertisement. She just posts photos and videos of herself and we all know she's posting them to show off her makeup.
Since it is halloween weekend she has mostly been posting her personal life like halloween costumes and parties not much about the business. But I did find some previous snapchat posts. Also her twitter had a post about a new halloween color coming out!
For such a new business owner, she has done amazing for herself. 

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